Road & Rail Tunnels

Our systems insulate the main concrete structure of road and rail tunnels to prevent collapse in a fire and to also provide fire insulation to escape passages, refuges, ventilation shafts and critical communication or firefighting services.

A fire in a tunnel can have catastrophic consequences. Apart from the risk to life, collapse of tunnels in a fire can have further consequences such as flooding (if the tunnel is under-water) or temporary loss of transport infrastructure.

The fire in the Mont Blanc Tunnel in 1999 burned for 53 hours and the tunnel was closed for 3 years for repair. Research has demonstrated that tunnel fires can peak at temperatures above 1300°C.

Fire insulation in tunnels is required to prevent collapse of high-strength concrete tunnel linings either due to explosive “spalling” of the concrete or over-heating of the steel reinforcement bars within the lining. In addition there is a need to protect other areas such as escape passages, refuges and services. 

FireBarrier™ 135 tunnel fire protection

FireMaster® FireBarrier™ 135 is a spray-applied cementitious fire barrier applied to provide fire insulation to concretes structures to prevent explosive spalling, collapse or excessive heat build-up in areas used for escape or safe refuge. 

FireBarrier™ 135 has advantages over alternative materials:

  • High-temperature resistance, over 1300°C
  • Superior surface finish
  • Ease of use and cleaning
  • Ease of installation due to single layer spraying and low material wastage
  • Large portfolio of fire tests to different fire scenarios and concrete types
  • References in use