Fire Rated Exhaust Ducts

FireMaster® FastWrap XL is specially-developed flexible encapsulated insulation wrap designed for the fire protection of ductwork within all types of buildings meeting various international and national building code and fire test standard performance requirements.

Fire rated exhaust ducts in buildings are insulated to prevent fire spread within a building through the duct or to ensure the duct function is maintained when exposed to a fire. Fire may occur either inside or outside the duct. Stringent fire tests exist worldwide to prove the effectiveness of ductwork fire insulation systems.

FireMaster® FastWrap XL ductwork fire protection can be used for heating and ventilation, kitchen grease extraction and pressurisation ductwork whilst ancillary products and systems are also available for access doors, venting duct and plastic pipe protection.

Specialist technical advice on the correct FireMaster® FastWrap XL specification and system design appropriate to your region is available from your local office; simply get in touch for further information.

Fire Protection of kitchen grease extract and ventilation ductwork

Our FireMaster® FastWrap XL encapsulated blanket product is the basis of a range of systems for up to 2 hour fire protection of ductwork. The blanket is simply attached to the duct using steel banding straps and has the following key features:

  • Non-Combustible product.
  • Tested to meet ISO 6944, ASTM E2336, BS 476 part 24 and EN 1366-1 standards for fire protection of ductwork
  • UL listed
  • Flexible wrap - ideal for circular ducts minimising cutting and fixing
  • Clean, quick and simple installation - encapsulated product
  • Complete encapsulation resists contamination by leaking duct contents (such a grease in kitchen ducts)
  • Zero Clearance to combustibles
  • Provides combined fire, acoustic and thermal insulation

Access doors for fire rated ducts

FastDoor® XL is a custom pre-fabricated access door solution for fire rated ducts with the following features:

  • Fire tested to ASTM E2336 standard in combination with the FastWrap® XL system for 2 hours fire protection of ducts

Fully pre-fabricated offering simple installation with ease of removal for inspection.

Fire Protection of dryer venting ducting

FireMaster® DryerWrap is a flexible wrap system for fire protecting dryer ventilation ductwork especially in multi-unit housing developments.

The system is designed to ensure fire compartmentation is maintained where this ducting passes through fire rated compartment walls or floors before venting outside the building through fire rated compartment walls or floors before venting outside the building.

The system is tested and UL listed for one hour fire protection of 4” (100mm) diameter 30ga. (0.26mm) metal ducts penetrating a one hour wood joist gypsum floor construction.

Plenum Fire Protection for plastic pipe and cables

PlenumWrap® is a flexible wrap system for high performance insulation of vulnerable plastic pipe work or trays carrying cables with plastic coatings. The system is listed to UL 1887 and tested in accordance with NFPA 262 (UL Listing 910) and ASTM E 84 requirements.

If you are interested in utilising FireMaster® FastWrap XL to protect ductwork and meet building codes and fire legislation, please get in touch.